Community-based Corrections

Bronx Community Solutions

Bronx Community Solutions is an initiative that seeks to apply a problem-solving approach to non-violent cases in the Bronx. Its goal is to provide judges with increased sentencing options for non-violent offenses such as drug possession, prostitution and shoplifting. By combining punishment with help, Bronx Community Solutions seeks to reduce the Bronx’s reliance on expensive and ineffective short-term jail sentences, and build public confidence that the system is holding offenders accountable and offering them the assistance they need to avoid further criminal conduct.

Bronx Defenders

Bronx Defenders provides inclusive and extensive services drive each and every Bronx Defenders’ staff member. We are dedicated to effecting change on both a wide scale and on an individual basis. The contact person for Bronx Defenders is Kate Rubin.

Kate Rubin, BA is Director of Policy & Community Development at The Bronx Defenders, a holistic public defender office in the South Bronx. She leads the office’s legislative and administrative advocacy activities and partnerships with community based organizations. She also manages Reentry Net/NY, an online resource center on the consequences of criminal proceedings in New York State. Ms. Rubin’s prior experience is in education and supporting grassroots organizing campaigns that fight for criminal justice reform and accountability in economic development. She holds a BA in history from Cornell University and serves on the Board of the Center for Urban Pedagogy.

Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Department of Corrections and Community Supervision vision is to enhance public safety by having incarcerated persons return home under supportive supervision less likely to revert to criminal behavior. The goals of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision are:

  • Create and maintain an atmosphere where both offenders and staff feel secure.
  • Develop and implement positive individualized treatment plans for each offender that includes post release reentry plans.
  • Teach offenders the need for discipline and respect, and the importance of a mature understanding of a work ethic.
  • Establish a needs/risk approach to treatment and community supervision to ensure a continuity of services.
  • Assist all staff by providing the training and tools needed to perform their duties while enhancing their skills.
  • Offer career development opportunities for all staff.

The contact persons for Department of Corrections and Community Supervision are Gayle Walthall and Detrel Howell.

Gayle Walthall, MSW is currently the Regional Director for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, the agency formerly known as Parole. Ms. Walthall joined the New York State Division of Parole in 1985 as a parole officer. She rose through the ranks holding such positions as: a Senior Parole officer, an Administrative Hearing Officer, Bureau Chief Special Offender Unit, and Deputy Regional Director. Ms. Walthall also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Howard University.
Ms. Walthall’s duties include supervision of the five Bureau Chief’s and all staff operations in the county of the Bronx relative to Community Supervision. Prior to her present position, Ms. Walthall served as the Deputy Regional Director for Region 03. This position included Ms. Walthall sitting on the following County Reentry task forces: Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Nassau, and Suffolk. Ms. Walthall has participated and provided trainings in numerous Taskforces Reentry conferences and workshops.

Detrel Howell, MS Ed is currently a Deputy Regional Manager with the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Her assignment in the Re-entry Services Unit affords her the opportunity to work in a multi-faceted fashion. One major component of this assignment involves working with individuals who have serious medical and/or mental health needs, and making all attempts to secure services for them. Prior to her managerial appointment, Ms. Howell worked as a Parole Officer in New York City for seven years, supervising specialized caseloads that were comprised of TARP, a federally funded re-entry initiative targeting serious violent felony offenders out of Sing Sing Correctional Facility, as a collaborative effort with DOCS; as well as domiciled females in four boroughs, and parolees assigned to the Harlem Re-entry Court Program. Before joining the ranks of the Division of Parole, Ms. Howell spent several years supervising staff in the foster care community who monitored children displaced from their biological families. Ms. Howell has also served as a Specialist in the United States Army and stationed in Dharhan, Saudi Arabia during the Desert Storm operation. Ms. Howell obtained her Masters in Adult Education and Human Resource Development degree from the Fordham University Graduate School in New York, and has aspirations to pursue an advanced degree in the near future.

New York City Department of Probation

The New York City Department of Probation helps build stronger and safer communities by supervising people on probation and fostering opportunities for them to move out of the criminal justice system through meaningful education, employment, health services, family engagement and community participation. The contact person for the Bronx Probation Adult Services is Sharun Goodwin-Jones.

Sharun Goodwin-Jones is an Assistant Commissioner of New York City Department of Probation has 24 years of progressive responsible experience working with the NYC Department of Probation in various positions and levels of operation. For the past 5 years, she has served as the Assistant Commissioner for Adult Services in the County of the Bronx. She oversees; directs and evaluates the overall activities and operations of the borough; providing services for people on probation. Assistant Commissioner Goodwin-Jones manages approximately 10,000 people on probation, submits close to 4000 Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports to Court per year, and directs as many as of 155 staff persons. Her staff includes Branch Chiefs, Supervising Probation Officers, Probation Officers and Support Staff. She has developed and implemented several Federal and State grant funded Programs. These programs include; P.A.C.T. Domestic Violence, Bronx Integrated Domestic Violence, Project Safe Neighborhoods, and Cognitive Behavioral Approaches.